Who is Enigma Dragons?

​ We are a two-person team, with a group of rotating jam squad members, and experienced freelance collaborators.

Silas Reinagel

Silas Reinagel started programming when he was 12 years old, and jumped into the world of game development doing game design and pixel art for Agent Z 2, a Palm Pilot game.

After honing his development skills with years of enterprise software development, the lure of creating his own games grew too strong. With the help of his brother Noah Reinagel, Enigma Dragons was formed.

Silas is credited in multiple games, including Planet Or Die, Zero Footprint Society, and his favorite, Gnosis Disperitus.

His favorite titles include Chrono Trigger, Deus Ex, The Witness, and the Fire Emblem series.

Noah Reinagel

Noah Reinagel is an challenge-loving software developer who, throughout his professional software career, has participated in many game projects, including Planet or Die, Gnosis Disperitus, and Black Market Crackdown.

He, along with Silas Reinagel, co-founded Enigma Dragons with the vision of making and releasing the highest quality indie games money can buy.

Noah's ambition is to make games that are the top of their genre, such as The Witness, Everspace, or Salt and Sanctuary.

"Enigma Dragons isn't here to release more mediocre games, it's here to raise the bar." - Noah Reinagel

And special thanks to our collaborators and contractors, without whom the project would have taken eons more to complete:

Kyle Nestermann: Puzzle Designer

Herbert Losloso: Character Art

Max Louis Creative: Marketing

Mustafa Contractor: Tester

Stephanie Reinagel: Tester

Gordy Keene: Tester

i1000artz: Logo Art

dfenty: Logo Animation

Nooomi: Tester