BitVault Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Developer: Enigma Dragons

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Platforms: PC, iOS

Release Date: March 25, 2020 (PC), August 18, 2020 (iOS)


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Project Description

BitVault is a challenging cyberpunk hacking-themed puzzle game for smart people. BitVault follows in the footsteps of venerated genre greats like The Witness, Monument Valley, and Baba Is You. It features over 60 mind-bending levels, taking you on a mental journey that tests your problem solving abilities and deduction skills.

You will need to use logic and creativity, as well as master a small arsenal of hacking tools, to penetrate the well-protected servers before you.

Unfold a light-hearted story centered around your new job as Penetration Tester for a small Cyber-Security company, working for a boss who likes to cut corners and even hack into his own company's vending machines for a free midday snack.

Break into the servers of several different companies, from the virtual data centers of a hacking nemesis, to the heavily protected government servers at the International Cybersecurity Enforcement agency.

While mildly reminiscent of pure logic puzzle games like The Witness, BitVault uses innovative new puzzle mechanics, and brings puzzle solving to an entirely new compelling setting!


Enigma Dragons is an independent game studio established in 2017 by the brothers Silas Reinagel and Noah Reinagel. After honing their game design skills for years, the time was finally ripe in 2019 and they officially started work on the title, BitVault.

The studio's goal is simple: to create challenging cerebral games that feel immensely satisfying to play and master.


● Hand-designed puzzles, created by intelligent minds with an emphasis on unique dilemmas.

● Distinctive feel and gameplay style in each puzzle zone, each with it's own unique mechanic.

● Quick-rewind and move undo system to help you iterate quickly and painlessly towards a solution.

● Rich, vibrant digital world with gorgeous geometric art.

● Each level has 3 data cubes, with increasing levels of challenge to maximize replayability.

● A fun and humorous story filled with quirky characters, witty banter, and situational comedy.

● High-energy soundtrack that will pump you up as your brain processes all the possibilities.


Character Assets

Monetization Permission

Enigma Dragons LLC allows for the contents of BitVault to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from BitVault is legally and explicitly allowed by Enigma Dragons LLC.

This permission can be found in writing at


Silas Reinagel: Producer, Game Designer, Software Engineer, UI Designer, Sound Designer, Puzzle Designer

Noah Reinagel: Lead Artist, Software Engineer, Dialogue Writer

Kyle Nestermann: Puzzle Designer

Herbert Losloso: Character Art

Max Louis Creative: Marketing

Mustafa Contractor: Tester

Stephanie Reinagel: Tester

Gordy Keene: Tester

i1000artz: Logo Art

dfenty: Logo Animation

Nooomi: Tester