Game Trailer

Gameplay - Level Playthrough

Game Overview

BitVault is a game about hacking.

Each level is a server layout that looks something like this.

To complete a level, you must bring the Root Key adjacent to the Server Root.

Most pieces move by jumping over an adjacent game piece.

The special ICE Subroutine doesn't require any adjacent game pieces and may teleport to an open File 3 spaces away.

Completing a level by hacking the Server Root will earn you 1 Data Cube.

To earn additional Data Cubes, you must leverage your hacking skills.

Each level has 3 Data Cubes that can be collected.

Here is a list of all the elements a hacker must master to keep his job and make a real difference.

You will become deeply familiar with each of these pieces as you play through BitVault's story and work your way up from a novice Hacker to a veteran Black Hat Hacker.

Eventually you will be breezing through high-security servers like this one without breaking a sweat!